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Rugged Products Corp

Rugged Products Corp provides innovative renewable power solutions for off-grid applications. Our experience in specialty photovoltaic modules and systems goes back over 30 years. We are vertically integrated into design, engineering, and manufacturing of standard, custom and full turnkey solar modules, products, and systems.

Our RUGGED™ solar modules are the strongest, and most durable photovoltaic panels commercially available in the market. They are produced using our proprietary MONOLITHIC CASTING process which is superior to laminated panels in every way. Thinner, lighter, customizable, and totally waterproof (IPX67 rated), RUGGED™ solar modules are made specifically for the more demanding requirements of off-grid solar uses.

These include: mobile applications such as RVs and marine, industrial uses, IoT devices, agricultural, government and military end users. The industry leading RUGGEDFLEX™ semi-flexible solar module has all the benefits, long-life and performance of MONOLITHIC CASTING for much greater reliability than conventional laminated flexible panels.

Whether you need Standard Modules, semi-flexible modules, custom designed modules including unique shape or product integrated panels, or complete product design and engineering services, you can rely on Rugged Products Corp to deliver on quality, value, and service.

RUGGEDFLEX™ solar (PV) panels

RUGGEDFLEX™ solar (PV) panels are designed for maximum durability, reliable performance, and long-life when properly installed on rigid flat or semi-curved surfaces. Ideal for use on Recreational Vehicles and Boats with unmatched durability and weather-resistance.

Made Strong - The Only Industrial Strength Semi-flexible Panel


Monolithic Construction - No Delamination, Totally Waterproof, IP-68 rated


Optically Clear Encapsulation - Will Never Yellow Or Crack


Industrial Pu-Protection - Unmatched Durability & Lifetime


Sunpower Maxeon® Cells - Highest Efficiency For Maximum Output


Frameless - Thinnest Profile (3mm), Lightest Weight


5-Year Warranty - Unmatched Lifetime Performance For Flexible Panel

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Semi Flexible - Up to 30° degree

Ideal Solutions For


Clean Power

Put an end to wasteful idling

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Silent Power

Install once and forget it’s there


Reliable Power

Maintenance-free peace of mind